Just a few booking tips

You are requested to book the escorts with a few hours in advance which provides an allowance for streamlining the booking. This is so as to get them ready in time and make them appear your party in the best appearance. It is a smooth booking process that is taken care of by our booking staff. You can make a booking by filling out the form below or alternatively, call us directly and make your request in advance. Before a party, it is advisable that you make adequate preparations for the escorts as this will save you tons of stress by not having to worry about when they will arrive. Let us take care of the escorts preparations and arrival at your party and leave you free to keep on with your party.

Booking takes less than a few minutes and with all your details and specifics of your request booked, you should expect the escorts of your dreams right in the midst of your party. The booking is an easy process and you are free to put in any special requests about the particular kind of party escorts you want. At the bottom of the page is a brief overview of the varying kinds of escorts that are provided by our agency and that will be enough to get you familiar with selecting a dream escort for your party. It is also one of the ways of making your selection much easier and as you narrow down to individual tastes and preferences, you will have had an idea of the kind of escorts you should expect to grace your party.