Mahiki is popular among celebrities, and there is a reason why


Club Mahiki Entrance

For party lovers and those who just want to forget all the stress of the day by having some incredible nightlife, you are all covered at Mahiki nightclub. Mahiki has dedicated itself to ensuring it fills its visitors with so much fun and adventure for everyone who needs an adventurous way to spend their night. Mahiki is definitely a good party destination that welcomes everybody with its delicious fruit cocktail drinks, tropical flowers and the Tiki decor.

Mahiki club is located in Dover Street in London just a few meters from Piccadilly. It is near the well known Ritz Hotel. Mahiki club was officially opened by Nick House and Piers Adams in October 2006. It is named after the Polynesian path to the underworld. Its beauty and the fun temperature have attracted even the royals including Prince Williams and Prince Harry. It has also got the attention of many big celebrities from all over the world such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Kelly Rowland.

Mahiki has the Polynesian and Tiki theme one of the attraction points for its guests. It also adheres to open door policy. If you like partying and love to spend your night in a fun filled club, Mahiki is very glad to offer you a flamboyant nightlife with incredible performances from big time celebrities who frequent the club.

Mahiki is celebrity favorite club which adds more to its fame. If you love to party like Rihanna or any of your favorite celebrity, Mahiki gives you a night you can ever imagine. The famous giant treasure chest with cocktail and counting Prince Harry as firm fun adds more to its fame.

The endless cocktails, magnums, vodka and lots of sparklers makes night even more fun with a list of other endless drinks you will get to enjoy at the club. Celebrities are welcomed with special Mahiki white rum which comes in forms such as neat to shot, with good cocktails or with a mixer. For those who don’t prefer the rum or will like to try something else, the Ciroc Vodka cocktails are made specifically for them. It is taken in a special way with long straws that gets all the celebrities and the fans stuck in it altogether.

Apart from your thirst, your hunger is also kept at bay with lots and lots of different kinds of foods. The Polynesian themed restaurant which is inside the club called Pufferfish ensures you get every kind of food you need to keep your hunger at bay for the entire time you stay at Mahiki. They will never run out of foods to serve you as the professional chefs know how to bring out heavenly tastes that will make you bite your toque and lick your fingers as you eat even a simple vegetable.

The finger licking meals starts with a spicy Kimche Andamame beans followed by tasty spinach in a toasted sesame sauce. Polynesian chicken in a banana leaf is served with Bibimbap. As if that’s not enough, you’ll get to eat the spicy Wagyu beef, Shrimp Tempura among other delicious meals. If you want to eat like a celeb, Mahiki is the place to be.

If you look at the kind of fun that goes on at Mahiki, you might get worried about its affordability. Well, from the kind of fun and the celebrities that frequent this place, it is obvious not everybody can afford to party here. But this is not usually the case since Mahiki ensures it accommodates everyone by offering very good deals. You can also get yourself the loyalty card by filling out your details at the back of the Mahiki Aloha Dollars, take to the front desk and they will give you Aloha card for an exchange. There are also affordable drinks in the Aloha menu which are cocktails made with Coconut. If you reach the place not late than 10pm, you will get served this Aloha menu.

Mahiki is a real destination for a unique night out that makes you feel like you are in paradise. It does not only boast of its celeb like parties, but very unique drinks and meals that ensure you stay at the top of the world. Its creative details go in every performance, music, dance, drinks and meals. It has no VIP rooms and works on open door policy to ensure everyone in incorporated as long as you are 21 years and above with no prior reservations.

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